Animal Sanitation

Animal Sanitation Services

ProDry provides premium animal sanitation services including the cleaning up and removal of animal urine, feces, and odors. We primarily take care of damages to residential and commercial properties done by raccoons. Animal sanitation includes the removal of odors and the source of the odors, which is typically due to animal feces or urine.

Animal sanitation is not limited to the removal of feces and urine or simple surface level cleaning. ProDry dives deeply into complete sanitization to ensure 100% cleanliness. We do not simply vacuum up droppings or wipe down walls – sanitizing a space contaminated by animal urine and feces goes farther than that to really deep clean the affected area.

Specialty Cleansing By Sanitation Experts

It is 100% necessary to call a professional to clean up any animal urine or feces that is contaminating a property. A professional team like ProDry has the proper training, experience, and equipment to perform safe and effective animal clean-up and sanitation. You can count on ProDry for all your animal sanitation needs whether it is in your attic, basement, or other areas of your property. Urine often soaks deep down into building materials like carpet padding, drywall, and insulation, which is why it is necessary to deep clean the area. Both urine and feces from animals can act as  host for many harmful bacterias. When an affected area does not get properly cleaned, your health is put at risk!

Protect Your Property Against Future Infestation

Proper animal cleanup and sanitation can protect your home or business from additional losses due to potential animal reentry. Reentry more often occurs in properties that have not had professional cleanup services to ensure the most effective prevention measures are in place.

With ProDry, you can decrease the risk of future damage, limit cleaning and sanitization costs by preventing reentry, and save yourself a lot of time and money. ProDry offers fast response to get the mess cleaned up and get your  life back to normal and comfortable quickly. Free your living or work environment of contamination by animal urine or feces. Contact ProDry if you are need of animal sanitation services now!

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